Company Profile 公司簡介

信興 機電工程有限公司(信興機電)於1993年成立,專責策劃、承建大型工程及提供保養及維修服 務。 2002年取 ISO9001:2000 認証; 在工程承建管理上,以全面優質管理嬴取顧客及發展商的信任。

提供 的工程服務範圍廣泛,包括機電工程、中央空調系統、電子工程、消防系統、保安系統、給排水系統、煤氣喉安裝、污水處理、水泵工程、低壓電安裝、弱電系統、 發電機安裝、照明系統、天花系統及電腦地台設備安裝。

為落 實成為“綜合屋宇設備承建商” 目標,信興機電積極參與各項基建工程和私營建築項目。 1995年與三機工業株式會社組成合資公司,結合兩家公司的專長,提供多元化的優質工程服務。

Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Co., Ltd (SHECON) was established in 1993, with its core role to plan and execute large-scale engineering projects and provide support and maintenance services. In 2002 the company was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification, reflecting its goal of providing comprehensive quality management services to win the trust of customers and developers.

SHECON provides a broad range of engineering services installations, including mechanical, electrical, HVAC, fire services, security, plumbing & drainage, pumpsets, gas appliances, sewage treatment, low voltage, extra-low voltage, generator set, lighting, integrated ceiling and computer raised-flooring installations, and more.

As a "Multi-Discipline" Contractor, SHECON actively participates in infrastructural and private engineering projects. In 1995, SHECON formed a joint-venture company with Sanki Engineering Company Ltd and through the collective expertise of these two companies, a broad range of quality engineering services is provided.


Licenses for Government Specialist Contracts

  • Registered Ventilation Contractor, Registration No. SC(V)81/99
  • Registered Electrical Contractor, Registration No. 007057
  • Registered Fire Services Contractor Class 1 & 2 Registered No. RC1/242 & RC2/315
  • Satellite Master Antenna Television License, Registration No. 86
  • Security Company License, Type III, Registration No. 0163

Member of Trade Associations

  • The Hong Kong E&M Contractors’ Association
  • The Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association
  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Association of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractor Ltd
  • The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of Hong Kong
  • SMATV Association of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Registered Ventilation Contractors Association Ltd

Company Capability

1.Project Department

  • Building Services Installation
    • Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning System, Electrical System, ELV System, Plumbing & Drainage Installation
  • Mechanical Installation
    • Pump Station, Conveyer System
  • Electrical & Lighting Installation
    • Building Power Distribution, Generator Set
  • Extra Low Voltage System
    • Satellite Master Television System (SMATV).
    • Public Address System
    • Security System
    • Building management System
    • Communal Antenna Broadcast Distribution System (CABD)
    • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)
  • Fire Service
    • Fire Fighting system including AFA and waterside equipment
  • Building Work
    • Suspended/False Ceiling & Raised Floor System
  • Project Staffs: Over 70 nos.

2. Engineering Services Department

Electrical & Mechanical Service Section,
Electronic Section

Staff: 100 nos.

Activity: Testing & Commissioning for Building Services
Installation Projects
Maintenance of HVAC, low voltage and
Extra low voltage, electrical system, fire services,
Gas appliances and mechanical equipment

Licensing: Our technicians hold green cards,
Electrical Worker Permits,
Security Personnel Permits, and some have been
Qualified to FS Class III Contractor and
Registered Plumber

3. Other Facilities

Office Area:        2258 sq. m.
Workshop Area:
288 sq. m.
Storage Room:
  260 sq. m.
PC Terminal:      Over 80 stations

  13 CAD stations running either Intergraph MicroStation J or AutoCad 2000
  1 Hewlett Packard 750 Design Jet colour plotter (A0, A1)
  1 Hewlett Packard 700 Design Jet plotter (A0, A1)
  1 OCE 750 printer (A0, A1)

Other Software for Project Management Application:
  Microsoft Office
  Microsoft Project and Primavera for Programming

4. Quality Assurance System

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